Green Farm Road, Colne Engaine, Colchester, CO6 2HA

Tel: 01787 222717

e-mail: (Mrs Sarah Cushney, School Business Manager)

Headteacher:  Mrs Julie Sarti

Chair of Local Governing Body:  Godfrey Evans c/o Colne Engaine C of E Primary School

SENCo: Mrs Julie Sarti 

The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust

Diocesan Offices

53 New Street Chelmsford Essex CM1 1AT

Telephone: 01255 863646


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Please give us a call if you are looking for a school place for your child and would love to see us in action.  Call 01787 222717 or email

We'd love to meet you  and tell you all about our school.

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cepsheartWelcome to Colne Engaine Church of England Primary School (part of the Diocese of Chelmsford Vine School Trust). We are keen to share with you as much information as we can to give you a sense of how we all work together to make our school a warm welcoming learning environment, where children are nurtured to thrive in every way.

We are a small, rural church school situated in the thriving village of Colne Engaine. A strong Christian ethos, guided by our core Christian values of empathy, responsibility, integrity, compassion, equality and respect, (the ERICERs), underpins all that we do.

At Colne Engaine, we believe that children will thrive and learn if they are happy and confident, full of curiosity and determination. We believe that our job is to prepare children for life in the 21st century and we support them in developing a strong set of learning to learn skills; to be resilient, resourceful and innovative in their learning, able to work with others effectively and with integrity. We are outward looking and keen to make the most of every opportunity for children to recognise the difference they can make in the world.

We are very proud of our innovative and exciting curriculum. We offer enriching experiences where contexts for learning are meaningful and exciting. We work hard to ensure that lessons are stimulating and exciting and we strive to ensure that we meet the varied learning styles of all pupils. Giving the children opportunities to reflect on their own learning journeys and listening to their ideas and responses is central to supporting them to take responsibility for their progress.

We are a strong team – parents and carers, staff and governors working together with our young people to help them to shine, to know when they have excelled and to know what they need to work on next.

I am enormously proud of our children and I feel privileged to work with a team who care deeply and passionately about ensuring that we create the best possible learning experiences for them all.

I hope that this website gives you the opportunity to explore our school further, getting to know us through what we share with you here. However, the best way to absorb our ethos is to come to visit! We’d love to welcome you to share a little more of what we do.

Julie Sarti


Quotes from our most recent inspections

Pupils thrive in a climate of care where they feel safe and are valued as individuals. They are challenged and supported in equal measure to be the best they can. Hence, pupils’ personal development and behaviour are excellent.

The curriculum provides strong opportunities for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Its focus on developing the ‘whole child’ results in well-rounded youngsters who are confident, self-assured, thoughtful and very well prepared for future life.

The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding. Pupils have extremely positive attitudes to learning and are keen to do well. In lessons, they are often totally engrossed in their work and demonstrate high levels of concentration. Pupils willingly work hard and put in the effort to achieve their very best. Their highly positive attitudes to learning have a strong impact on their good and improving rates of progress.

Pupils discuss their work confidently and explain what they are doing and their learning outstandingly well. They know their strengths and weaknesses and have a clear idea of how to improve.